March Madness 2019 Official Live Stream TV Guide

March Madness 2019

March Madness 2019: For all basketball fans especially, March Madness is a time of the year where fans are only speaking about teams, buzzer beaters and brackets. This time of year usually takes place from the middle of March up until April. March Madness 2019 is when the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA, men’s and women’s college basketball tournament is at its peak.

The NCAA college tournament is composed of 68 teams which fight with other college teams to stay in the “game” and eliminate all other opponents to win the national championship.

Event March Madness 2019
Date March 19 – April 8
TV Network CBS, TruTV, TNT
Live Stream Watch Here

After the first weekend, only 16 teams also known as “Sweet Sixteen” will go forward. Following the second weekend the teams will narrow down to just eight teams, also known as “Elite eight” followed by the “Final Hour”. During the last weekend a fight between four semifinalists takes place. Lastly the last game takes place between the two semifinal teams which play in the National Championship game.

The term “Madness” is there for the simple reason that colleges all over the US are getting ready for “The Big Dance” as some people like to call it. Hundreds of colleges participate in the madness to earn a place in the Tournament.

Out of 68 teams, 32 of those are given automatic bids while the other 36 teams receive large bids from the NCAA selection committee depending on the performance they’ve shown.

Before the tournament can begin, the 68 teams are spread into four regions. TO make it easier for the teams, they are usually spread geographically, thus teams that are close to each other will “fight” first. Once this is done, a bracket is formed to show the teams which colleges they will play against.

As a general rule, the high seeded teams play against low seeded teams. For example, a team that is seeded 1 will play against a team which is seeded 10. This rule makes it difficult to predict which teams will advance into the Tournament.

Each year millions of people place their own brackets, in an effort to predict all winners. More often that other, there are quite a lot correct predictions. However, it it’s nearly impossible to predict all winners. In fact, you have more chances of winning the lottery.

Since there will be multiple games playing at the same time, most people prefer to watch the games on TV or on the internet during the 3-week tournament. Until today, the College with the most titles won is the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

How to Watch March Madness Online

With a few games playing at the same time, watching them online can be confusing. However there are a few ways of doing it. It depends a lot on where you are located, for people in the U.S. there will be no problems, however for international people there might be a few issues.

The First was you can watch the games are by using the March Madness app or website. Access to the app is only possible to residents of the U.S. However, this doesn’t stop people from using a VPN to change their location.

There plenty other ways to watch March Madness 2019 online, and it’s all just a google search away. It will just take some time until you find a good source that offers HD quality images. Furthermore, if you live outside of the U.S. you will probably need some type of VPN application to change your location in the U.S. Some examples are Express VPN and HideMyAss, if in case you aren’t aware of any. These VPN applications are available on all platforms including PC’s, tablets and even smartphones. 

Free Streaming Service

It might be too soon to figure out which online streaming websites will offer free streaming of the games. When the time comes, we will just have to do a google search and see which ones are willing to let us watch the games for free. Even though some online streaming services are usually free, at times like this when high view rate is expected, service providers might place a tax on it.

If you are one of the people that can’t stand watching a game on low quality then you probably are in the right place. You are also probably willing to even pay for high quality images of the games. Sling TV is a popular paid streaming service which will broadcast the March Madness 2019 live stream

How to Watch March Madness Live Stream From Mobile

If one the days of the March Madness live stream tournament you will be away from any TV or PC and all you will have is your smartphone then, don’t worry as there is hope for you. There are plenty of way to watch the games on your smartphone. If you live in the U.S. you just have to go to the NCAA official website or just download their official app. Furthermore, if you don’t live in the U.S. you can still watch the games on your smartphone, just look on google for some websites that will stream the March Madness 2019 Live Stream.

Watch March Madness from PC and Others

To watch the March Madness 2019 Live Stream, you don’t need any type of cable TV. All you need is an internet connection and a PC. There are plenty of websites where you can watch the March Madness live stream. However, you can watch it straight on the website or download their official app, which works on iOS and Android. All games are free to watch for all U.S. residents.

Watch March Madness Live from Outside USA

If you are located outside USA, don’t worry as you can still watch the games. No matter if a website is strictly for U.S. citizens, a simple VPN application can change your location from where ever on the globe you are to a U.S. location. Some free VPN applications are Express VPN or HideMyAss.

How to Watch March Madness from Social Media

No matter on which platform of Social Media you have an account, you can use them to find a link for a live broadcast of the March Madness 2019 Live Stream. All you have to do is search for keywords such as #MarchMadness or #MarchMadness2019 or even replace the hashtag with @.

March Madness 2019 Start Date

The NCAA Division I also known as March Madness is the Men’s and Women’s basketball tournament. Usually it starts on Selection Sunday after the 68 teams which managed to reach the field are announced.

This year’s Selection Sunday is scheduled to be on 17th of March. Following this, the First Four games will take place on the 19th and 20th of March in Dayton, Ohio.

The 68 teams are chosen by the Division I men’s basketball committee. The decision is done by debates with coaches, directors of athletics and commissioners, observations and data observations. Furthermore, there are three phases which help the Basketball committee pick the 68 participating teams: Select the 36 at large best teams; Seed the 68 teams; and Place the chosen teams in the tournament bracket. The women’s teams which have been picked for the NCAA championship will be made public on Monday, 15th of March.

Full TV Schedule Guide for March Madness 2019

Usually, the March Madness Schedule is held by ESPN and is the leading one for coverage and CBS hosts the Final Four as well as the Championship game. For the 1st round of Elite Eight, people can view the games on CBS, TNT, truTV and TBS.For the games of 64 and 32 there will be some overlaps, however just before the Sweet Sixteen begins, all television coverage will be exclusive for each game.

Tuesday, March 19 — First Four

(16) Fairleigh Dickinson 82, (16) Prairie View A&M 76 truTV Dayton I
(11) Belmont 80, (11) Temple 71 truTV Dayton II

Wednesday, March 20 — First Four

6:40 p.m. (16) NC Central vs. (16) North Dakota State truTV Dayton I
After conc. I (11) St. John’s vs. (11) Arizona State truTV Dayton II

Thursday, March 21 — First round

12:15 p.m. (10) Minnesota vs. (7) Louisville CBS Des Moines
12:40 p.m. (14) Yale vs. (3) LSU truTV Jacksonville I
1:30 p.m. (12) New Mexico State vs. (5) Auburn TNT Salt Lake City I
2 p.m. (13) Vermont vs. (4) Florida State TBS Hartford I
After conc. I (15) Bradley vs. (2) Michigan State CBS Des Moines II
After conc. I (11) Belmont vs. (6) Maryland truTV Jacksonville II
After conc. I (13) Northeastern vs. (4) Kansas TNT Salt Lake City II
After conc. I (12) Murray State vs. (5) Marquette TBS Hartford II
6:50 p.m. (10) Florida vs. (7) Nevada TNT Des Moines III
7:10 p.m. (15) Abilene Christian vs. (2) Kentucky CBS Jacksonville III
7:20 p.m. (11) Saint Mary’s vs. (6) Villanova TBS Hartford III
7:27 p.m. (16) Fairleigh Dickinson vs. (1) Gonzaga truTV Salt Lake City III
After conc. III (15) Montana vs. (2) Michigan TNT Des Moines IV
After conc. III (10) Seton Hall vs. (7) Wofford CBS Jacksonville IV
After conc. III (14) Old Dominion vs. (3) Purdue TBS Hartford IV
After conc. III (9) Baylor vs. (8) Syracuse truTV Salt Lake City IV

Friday, March 22 — First round

12:15 p.m. (10) Iowa vs. (7) Cincinnati CBS Columbus I
12:40 p.m. (9) Oklahoma vs. (8) Ole Miss truTV Columbia I
1:30 p.m. (14) Northern Kentucky vs. (3) Texas Tech TNT Tulsa I
2 p.m. (13) UC Irvine vs. (4) Kansas State TBS San Jose I
After conc. I (15) Colgate vs. (2) Tennessee CBS Columbus II
After conc. I (16) Gardner-Webb vs. (1) Virginia truTV Columbia II
After conc. I (11) St. John’s / Arizona State vs. (6) Buffalo TNT Tulsa II
After conc. I (12) Oregon vs. (5) Wisconsin TBS San Jose II
6:50 p.m. (9) Washington vs. (8) Utah State TNT Columbus III
7:10 p.m. (16) NC Central / North Dakota St. vs. (1) Duke CBS Columbia III
7:20 p.m. (14) Georgia State vs. (3) Houston TBS Tulsa III
7:27 p.m. (12) Liberty vs. (5) Mississippi State truTV San Jose III
After conc. III (16) Iona vs. (1) North Carolina TNT Columbus IV
After conc. III (9) UCF vs. (8) VCU CBS Columbia IV
After conc. III (11) Ohio State vs. (6) Iowa State TBS Tulsa IV
After conc. III (13) Saint Louis vs. (4) Virginia Tech truTV San Jose IV

Saturday, March 23
Second round: Hartford, Salt Lake City, Des Moines, Jacksonville

Sunday, March 24
Second round: Tulsa, Columbus, Columbia, San Jose

Thursday, March 28
Sweet 16: Louisville, Anaheim

Friday, March 29
Sweet 16: Washington, D,C., Kansas City

Saturday, March 30
Elite Eight: Louisville, Anaheim

Sunday, March 31
Elite Eight: Washington, D.C., Kansas City

Saturday, April 6
Final Four: Minneapolis
CBS — Jim Nantz / Bill Raftery / Grant Hill // Tracy Wolfson

Monday, April 8
National Championship Game: Minneapolis
CBS — Jim Nantz / Bill Raftery / Grant Hill // Tracy Wolfson


What is March Madness?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament is a basically an American tradition where millions of people descend into madness over their favorite team. March Madness 2019 is about making it to the final 68 participating teams and the emotions of winning a game in order to play in the next one.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the designated entity which oversees the 1300 colleges and universities which make up the association. These volunteers help with managing the rules and regulations in order to establish some sort of fairness for all participating teams. Although there are almost 1300 colleges and universities in the NCAA, as of 2013 there are 1066 active ones.

Coach Harold Olsen at the Ohio State University is the person that receives the credits for coming up with the idea of the tournament in 1939 thanks to the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

March Madness 2019 is practically a synonym with the NCAA Basketball Tournament, however it wasn’t always like this. The term March Madness was first used for the Illinois High School Association tournament. The person that came up with the idea of “March Madness” is Henry V. Porter. He wrote an article in the Illinois interscholastic magazine that appeared in 1939.

A few years passed before the term March Madness was used in the NCAA Basketball tournament. In fact, it was first used in 1982 by a CBS reported named Brent Musburger. He was at a tournament game while telecasting. Everyone heard him and they loved it, the term has since been used as the official “Nickname” for the NCAA basketball tournament.

There was a huge court fight for who has the right to use the term “March Madness”. Today it is owned by two associations, NCAA and IHSA.

The NCAA March Madness has been on TV since 1969. At the moment people can watch the games, live on TV on TBS, TNT, CBS and truTV. As of 2011 people can watch all games not just from the U.S. but also from almost anywhere in the world.

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen is the official term used for the regional semifinal round of the NCAA tournament. The term “Sweet Sixteen” practically means the final 16 teams that will play against each other to advance into the tournament. The term Sweet Sixteen was first used in March Madness by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association or KHSAA for short. KHSAA has been using this term for decades for their end season tournaments. The trademark was officially registered in 1988by KHSAA and has kept ownership over the “Sweet Sixteen” term while allowing NCAA to use it in the Basketball tournaments.

Elite Eight

In the NCAA Men’s or Women’s Division I Basketball Championship, “Elite Eight” or Elite 8 are the last eight remaining teams that will play with each other. These teams represent the national quarterfinals or regional finals. The teams to come as winners in Elite eight will advance to the Final Four. As of 1997, the NCAA placed a trademark for the phrase. In the Division II, Elite Eight is made up of 8 winners of the 8 Division II regions. Similar to Final Four in Division I, The Elite Eight of Division II are played in a single predetermined location. Each year, three out of four seed 1 teams reach the Elite Eight. For the men’s tournament, Elite Eight sets the halfway point due to the fact that all teams must win three matches to reach the quarterfinals and three matches to go before they can win the title of national champions.

The term “Elite Eight” was first used by the Illinois High School Boys Basketball Championship. In their single elimination basketball tournament. As we mentioned previously they have also introduced “march Madness”.

In the first 12 years of the march madness tournament, from 1939 to 1950 to be more precisely, just eight teams participated in elite eight. This means that teams that managed to qualify had the title of an Elite Eight team.

Final Four

The term “Final Four” basically means the remaining four team which will play in the playoff tournament. Most sports have some sort of tournament format to figure out the final champion. Most commonly it is known as the semifinal round, however in the NCAA it is called Final Four of the Division I for both Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament. During the Final Four, there are only four teams left and only two games are played the two remaining teams that will play against each other for the finals.

The term “Final Four” is only used in college basketball. Moreover, if you watch a game of college basketball you will hear people say “Final Four” quite often.

In order to make it to the Final Four, a team must win four games in the tournament and just two more to gain the title of national champions. The Final Four takes place in April, and even though the Tournament is almost completed the March Madness 2019 is still ongoing. Usually the men’s final four is played on the first Saturday of April while women’s final four is played on the first Sunday. The resulting winners of the Final Four move on to fight against each other which usually takes place in the subsequent Monday. This year’s Final Four will take place in San Antonio on March 31st April 2nd. Who will go further in the last match, we will only find this after we watch the game.

There are rumors which say that the term “Final Four” was used first for the final games of the Indiana High School basketball tournament. However, the NCAA which actually have the trademark over the term have said that the term “Final Four” originates from Ed Chay. He was a plain dealer sportswriter and in 1975 he posted an article which made its appearance in the Official Collegiate Basketball Guide. Ed Chay’s article stated that Marquette University quote “was one of the final four” during the 1974 tournament. The NCAA began to use the term during the 1978 tournament after which after a few years they’ve converted the term to a trademark of the tournament.

In the last few years, “Final Four” has been used by other types of sports besides the NCAA basketball tournament. The term Final Four is being used in Europe in the Euro league for basketball as well as some national basketball tournaments in a few European countries. Final Four is also being used in Hockey, the European Hockey League to be more exact. Besides Using the term Final Four, they have also been using the NCAA style format for bracketing where the last four surviving teams play against each other in a single elimination format.

NCAA National Championship

The NCAA National Championship will include 68 teams what will play against each other in a single elimination style tournament that will determine which team will gain the title of national champion. The Tournament will begin on March 17th2019 and is scheduled to finish with the final championship game on April 8th at the Minneapolis, MN

If the current format will not change a maximum of 68 teams will step into the 2019 tournament. 32 teams will receive automatic bids if they win their conference’s tournament. Furthermore, 36 “at large” bids will be given at selection by the NCAA Selection Committee.

The teams that will play in the First four will be the four lowest seeded automatic qualifiers as well as the four lowest seeded at large teams. Four winners will arise from these games and they will advance to the main draw of the tournament.

March Madness Ticket

Tickets for the March Madness 2019 can be purchased straight from the NCAA website. There are multi game package deals available to be bought for specific sites and they include a ticket for each session. To be noted that multi game package deals are for all sessions and all games for a site. The packages are as follows:

First Four

– Includes a 4 game package deal which starts at $50. The package deals include 2 tickets/sessions each.

First/Second Rounds

  • Package deals include a Six game round which starts at $150. The package deals offer 3 tickets/sessions each and the winners of these rounds will go forward to the Sweet Sixteen.
  • You can also purchase a 2 games package deal which starts at $50. These package deals offer a single ticket/session.


  • This offers a 3 games package deal which starts at $250. The deal offers 2 ticket/session each. The winners of these rounds will head to the 2019 Men’s Final Four which will take place in San Antonio.

Even though sales to the general public may be closed due to the tickets being sold out, people can still purchase tickets through the NCAA experience. Furthermore, people can still buy and exchange tickets via the NCAA Ticket Exchange

NCAA Experience  – People can get the most out of the game day with VIP access to the NCAA experience. The official NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament “Fan Experience” offers bar access and the opportunity to meet a celebrity coach or player, live broadcast of the games and many more.

NCAA Ticket Exchange – People can use this service to buy or sell tickets. This is a safe and official way of selling your Men’s Basketball tournament ticket if for example you will not be able to get there on time. The service is 100% guaranteed and the only one which is NCAA approved. Fans all across the U.S can place their ticket for sale and they can have assurance that it is done in a safe and anonymous way. Furthermore, if you were unlucky and tickets have sold out, there is still a bit of hope. Tickets can be purchased here which are sold by other fans, this way you can be sure to watch a game with a full stadium.

Final Four Predictions

The very first Thursday and Friday of March Madness Schedule can only be described as the title says “Madness”. They are probably the two most fun days of the yearly sports schedule.

Getting right just half of the Final Four has proven difficult in most past years. To guess the next national champion is the same as getting right the first 32 games of the first round. The same goes for choosing the two Final Four games right.

Choosing the correct final four is not impossible but very few people manage to do it. In fact less than 1% of people that have participated in the NCAA bracket challenge during the past 7 years went for 4 out of 4. Furthermore, in the past seven years there have been years where no one at all have guessed right the Final Four. See below some years and percentages of people that got perfect brackets for Final Four.

2011 0.0
2012 0.31
2013 0.0
2014 0.006
2015 1.61
2016 0.09
2017 0.003

During the past seven years only 7.5% have guessed right three of four picks.

March Madness schedule is loved by millions of people for the simple fact that it’s complete “Madness”. For most people filling in the NCAA bracket is just for fun. Furthermore, picking a low-end seed to get to the final four and actually see it happen is the best feeling in the world .However, the past experience tells us that it’s not such a good idea to do so. Below you can see the percentage of brackets with specific seeds that will advance to the Final Four.

As you can see, picking what everyone else is picking is most probably the best idea. Usually the four teams to make it to the Final Four are usually seed 1 and it’s probably the best strategy to go with.

National Championship 2019 Winner Prediction

Guessing right the Winner for the March Madness 2019 is as hard or even harder than guessing all winners up to this point. Predicting the national champion before the tournament has even started is even more difficult. Your best chance is to pick what everyone else favoring. If you do some research on a few websites you will find that there are a few teams that keep appearing as the most probably to win: Virginia, Purdue, Michigan State, Villanova, Arizona, Duke and Kansas.

These teams are not arranged in a particular order but if they seem to shop up on most rankings people must know something. Predicting the national champion is up to pure luck since a low seed team can make its way to the top as it already happened in the past.

Final Words

March Madness 2019 is just around the corner. Last year it was a blast to watch, no matter if that was on a smartphone, a PC, smart TV or even a classic TV. Hopefully this year’s March Madness 2019 tournament will be even better than last year’s.